We are The Humanuniform.

We are a collective of top-tier artists working in the fashion industry.  We love making beautiful images, and we believe in being Nice People.  Our philosophy is that open communication, integrity & mutual respect --combined with our formidable creative talents-- result in the coolest fashion imagery out there!

Humanuniform doesn't function like your typical production company.  We consciously build systems into our workflow to stimulate collaboration and drive innovation, both within our creative teams AND in our interface with clients.  As one of our artists, you'll enjoy a healthy, invigorating team environment-- a place where your individual talents are recognized and cultivated.

As a client, that means you're getting top notch service and the freshest, most effective imagery in the business.  Our agile structure allows us the scalability to design the perfect solution for your budget.  Our holistic company culture means that it will always be a positive and inspiring experience.  

Welcome to the Humanuniform.  Together, EVERYTHING is possible!  :-) <3

"Humanuniform has completely changed the work-flow of the media-creation for our digital company. Their ability to deliver, to be extremely friendly and flexible, as well as their ability to listen to what we needed, and to rework concepts on the fly - this human touch of brilliance, it truly sets them apart. I highly recommend working with Diana and her team." 

           Xena Stanislavovna Semjonova    Editor-In-Chief, Bungalow Magazine

"Working with Diana and the members of the Humanuniform team has truly been a professional dream. Not only are they some of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of working with, but their artistic and fashion centric vision is fresh and full of promise. On top of that, they keep a relaxed environment while easily maintaining the timelines set for projects. All I can say is - work with them once and you'll be spoiled! "

       Claire O'Connell Brala           Principal and Design, ARTIFÆKT