We believe in being Nice People.  

Working in the fashion industry does NOT have to be the ego-driven, exclusive 'Devil Wears Prada' experience.  Every Humanuniform production is part of the movement towards egoless, open collaboration in our industry.  We care deeply about our clients and artists, and our method results in a better end product as well as a more fulfilling, positive process.

We believe that fashion has a massive influence on our culture and global consciousness.  

To that end, we aim to work with brands who embody values of Sustainability and Ethics.  With a long history of working with Eco-brands, our team leaders know how to strike a balance between telling the "eco story" and creating marketing imagery with mass appeal.  

We use sustainable methods and materials on our productions whenever possible.  

We believe that by broadening ideals of Beauty we create more acceptance in the world.  

We love seeing beauty in unexpected places, then translating it visually for all to appreciate.